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TimeFlux: the ultimate time stretching, morphing, and spectral effects processing software.

Just like time is endless, the possibilities in TimeFlux are endless as you Morph between 8 snapshots using our custom Sphere controller area. Control TimeFlux with your mouse, or as an added bonus control it with an optional Leap Motion controller and harness the powers of time in your hand! TimeFlux takes your sound to a whole new level of control and sonic manipulation.

You can load up to 4 sounds and 4 VSTs in TimeFlux, record your performance, and export it as a .WAV file or record straight into your DAW. 

TimeFlux also contains 3.6Gb of custom made sound design revolving around the theme of time manipulation. All sounds included were carefully crafted by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. Both experimental and practical, the included sound design library complements the TimeFlux software, and is also quite usable on itís own. Time and space will never be the same!

  • Load up to 4 sound files
  • Load up to 4 VST plugins within TimeFlux
  • 8 snapshot Sphere Controller
  • Optional Leap Motion controller. Leap Motion sold separately here:
  • 2 time stretchers
  • 1 morpher
  • 4 filters
  • Record and Export your performance in WAV files
  • 3.6Gb TimeFlux sound design soundpack included made by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov
  • Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)
 Download TimeFlux Soundminer spreadsheet


TimeFlux tutorial, trailer, and making of sample library

TimeFlux is a standalone software and at this time can not be loaded into any external software. You will have unlimited updates as they are released. 

TimeFlux Current Version: v1.0.3
Minimum PC and Mac requirements:
- An Intel Mac with Mac OSX 10. 7 (or later) 
- Pc with Windows 7 or 8 
- Multicore processor 
- 2GB RAM 
- 1024x768 screen display or higher

Add Leap Motion or Touch OSC to TimeFlux for an added awe-inspiring layer of control! Both features are supported in the current version of TimeFlux!
More information about Leap Motion: Leap Motion
More information about Touch OSC: Hexler

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